A project that involves 20 young people from technical institutes, mainly from the local area, with the aim of training the next generation of leaders: the training initiative of the Technical Talent Project@EDiM is launched

17 December 2020

In recent weeks, the first phase of the Technical Talent Project@EDiM has gone into full swing. The project was created with the aim of cultivating young talents. The first step of this pathway, conceived and created in partnership with TEC, the training school of the Bosch Group, and Adecco, is now in full swing: 20 young people, fresh from completing their schooling in different technical institutes, are participating in a 160-hour training course that will offer them the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills they can use in the working world.

But how and why did this project begin? In 2017, when the Bosch Group took over EDiM (then known as Albertini Cesare S.p.A.), our company launched an in-depth process of transformation from a technical and organizational perspective, but also in terms of culture. In this sense, a clear need emerged to introduce young profiles to our working environment, with a view to introducing new skills that would successfully and seamlessly integrate with the know-how and experience of our long-term collaborators. The possibility of training the future leaders of our company “in-house” was certainly the natural next step of this strategy and this gave rise to the Technical Talent Project@EDiM. To pursue this opportunity, we decided to enlist the support of two expert partners in the training and recruitment field: TEC and Adecco. EDiM began working with TEC immediately after the former was purchased by the Bosch Group. For us, being able to count on an Academy capable of exploiting the know-how of a large international Group was fundamental. The training courses of TEC are specifically structured to cater for the needs of the company in which they are to be used. They are characterised by practical, relevant contents and focus on the areas of technology, management and behaviour: the ideal combination for a scenario like ours. Instead, Adecco’s support was essential in the recruiting phase, during which the agency assisted TEC in selecting 20 young people to introduce into the Technical Talent Project@EDiM, based on our assessment of the most suitable profiles.

The idea behind the project was precisely to select 20 young people who had completed a technical high school course and involve them in an in-house training course combining practical and theoretical aspects that would allow them to experience our company to the full. However, we hadn’t reckoned on the pandemic, which inevitably took its toll on the organization of the course planned in this format. However, despite the change in circumstances, EDiM decided not to give up on the project, in which it had invested a great deal of time and hard work, and in which it strongly believed. With elasticity, resilience and the help of our partners, we were able to redesign the project to adapt it to our situation.
The training pathway was redesigned to take place online, in a bid to safeguard the health of the young people and staff involved. Being able to count on the tools offered by the digital age we live in, as well as on the know-how of Bosch in this area, was essential for ensuring our success in carrying the project forward.
Over the last few weeks, the training provided using these methods has focused on three main areas (technique, soft skills and safety) with the managers and workers of EDiM playing a key, active part, as teachers.


The direct involvement of the EDiM workers, who will assess the young people at the end of the training course, enables us not only to transfer the technical skills needed to work successfully in our company, but also to pass down our corporate style to the new generation.
The second step of the project, which will take shape from the beginning of 2021, envisages the introduction of some of the young people into our working environment, in three functions that are essential for us: production, maintenance and quality. To identify the most commendable trainees, EDiM will use the tests performed to verify their progress at the end of the various training modules but will also base its assessment on the interest and engagement shown by the trainees during their direct interaction with staff. If possible, depending on the circumstances, our commitment is to have all the young people experience the working environment of our site in Villasanta for a few days: an opportunity that would enable them to put themselves to the test in a practical situation on the theoretical concepts learned, but that must be carefully evaluated, based on the current conditions, to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Lastly, the young people who will then be selected for the second phase of the project and for introduction into EDiM will receive targeted training for the specific activities to which they are assigned, where on-the-job training and their supervision by the most expert colleagues will prove crucial.

EDiM, in line with the philosophy of the Bosch Group, aims to excel in training and introducing young people into the world of work. We believe that our company can be an important springboard for young school-leavers, especially those who have completed a technical course of studies: in EDiM they can gain on-the-job experience of a full production process, putting into practice everything they have learned at school. In addition, following its takeover by the Bosch Group, EDiM launched an organizational and cultural transformation process that provides an excellent practice ground for developing the professional growth of the young people entering the world of work.
Not just technical skills: in EDiM we look for young talents, people who combine the right mix of competences with a great passion for their work. They must be capable of working autonomously, but also display team spirit. They must know how to learn from their mistakes and create a corporate culture based on the pursuit of innovation. But, above all, they must display respect and empathy. Our commitment in this sense is destined to continue over the next few years, as we aim to train the next generation of talents!