In 2019, after several mergers and incorporations, the company took on the new name EDiM S.p.A.: Engineering Die-Casting and Machining.
As the result of an intense renewal process, the company gained a strong new position on the market, presenting itself as the go-to partner for large companies operating in various sectors, especially the automotive industry.

The company stands out as a leader in the production and processing of die-cast aluminium and has its headquarters in Villasanta (MB) in Lombardy. In addition to this historical site, EDiM also has a second production site in Quero Vas (BL): the two foundries produce innovative products based on advanced technology, always with a close eye on the company’s environmental footprint. In fact, EDiM aims to operate as an eco-sustainable company, capable of implementing efficient processes designed to safeguard our natural resources.
Today, EDiM is a member of the Bosch Group, sharing its values, mindset, innovative spirit and industrial expertise.

Read our Vision and our Mission, discover the strategy that inspires EDiM and its people, making its business more competitive.

Consult the strategies on which our policy for Safety, the Environment and Social Responsibility is based, as well as the relative actions taken.

EDiM is one step ahead of the rest in the environmental sustainability stakes. Discover our commitment to being a green foundry.