The goal of our corporate conduct rules is to protect employees and the company, as well as our customers and partners.

Our “Code of Business Conduct” includes the fundamental points of all the main laws and internal company rules and it is a point of reference for the daily work of our collaborators.

With the adoption of an “Organization, Management and Control Model“, EDiM improves the management of the internal control system and promotes the spread of a corporate culture based on the values of transparency, ethics, correctness and respect for the rules.

In the “Code of Ethics“, EDiM clearly defines the values and the criteria of conduct aimed at regulating its activities, taking into account the current provisions of the Italian legal system. Compliance with this Code is required to all those who cooperate in the company activities.

Our compliance system

is constantly updated so that the rules and processes are always in line with technical and legal developments.


We believe that a responsible, lawful, and fair business is essential. We do not tolerate any violations of the law, the Bosch Code of Business Conduct, or other internal regulations.
We encourage every Bosch associate and every Bosch business partner to report any possible violation, even anonymously.
You can write a report here.