EDiM is aware that its activities should be conducted in harmony with the economic system, the environment and society, with a particular focus on future generations.


Occupational health and safety is a commitment upheld by everyone, expressed not only by complying with the correct behavioural procedures during operations, but also in constantly creating the most suitable conditions to ensure that this is possible, identifying sources of danger, assessing them and taking appropriate precautions.
To this end, as well as complying with the legal duties in this regard, EDiM undertakes to perform actions conducive to the constant improvement of the management of the organisational processes and therefore of the safety conditions within the company.



EDiM undertakes to constantly limit its environmental impacts and energy consumptions, and to provide resources for the planning and application of practices and methods that fully meet all the legal obligations and the obligations of compliance.



An integrated approach to these issues offers a number of benefits in terms of optimising the use of human resources and process efficiency, which is why EDiM wants to take full advantage of this opportunity. Business processes are therefore structured in such a way as to give priority to the personnel health and safety and to minimise the environmental impact.


The company pursues its key objectives in this field by implementing specific actions.

Ensuring that its activities are performed in compliance with the legal provisions in force, the international laws and their interpretation

Defining in a clear, organic way, the tasks and duties within its Organization

Assessing and taking responsibility for risks, including environmental and safety risks, thereby revising business processes accordingly and directing them towards prevention, in order to protect the soundness and continuity of the business

Protecting the health and safety of its workers by training and educating its personnel, to improve their skills and heighten their awareness of the risks related to the activity carried out

Promoting a proactive approach to the management of ecological problems

Being committed to ensuring that appropriate leadership skills emerge not only at the top, but at all levels of the company to foster change and make the Organisation resilient and performing in the long term

It is through these activities that EDiM has its sights trained on continuous improvement. Regular monitoring of processes and behaviour helps measure the effects of activities on people and the environment, identifying risks and opportunities for improvement. In this sense, stakeholder engagement is essential, in order to have a 360-degree view and improve our business strategies and priorities, together.


In light of the growing challenges we must face to tackle climate change, the company, together with the Bosch Group, has set itself a very ambitious objective in relation to climate protection, striving to achieve carbon neutrality

The objective is to reduce the atmospheric pollution produced by the company’s transport operations and by the mobility of the company vehicles, as well as the inevitable carbon dioxide emissions produced by the natural gas that powers the heating system and the melting furnaces, which are difficult, if not impossible to neutralise.
The electricity needed to power the operations comes from renewable sources, that is, from the acquisition of green energy. The CO2 emissions generated by the company’s activities are fully compensated with green credits.

Some examples of projects in which the company has invested, designed to counterbalance these emissions, are reforestation, the generation of wind energy, the distribution of innovative cooking technologies to the poorer communities in Asia and Africa.

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