“In viaggio verso il futuro” (Travelling towards the future) is the name of the article recently published in Genio&Impresa, webmagazine of Assolombarda, association of the companies operating in the Metropolitan City of Milan and in the provinces of Lodi, Monza and Brianza, and Pavia

26 February 2021
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Rapid development, continuous innovation and Industry 4.0 solutions, with a careful eye on sustainability: these are the unique features of EDiM that convinced Genio & Impresa, webmagazine of Assolombarda, to get to know our foundry better and tell its readers our story: a story of success and recovery following a difficult period, prior to the takeover by the Bosch Group.

In the last few weeks, the magazine interviewed the CEO of EDiM, Mr Fabrizio Sanna, engineer. During the interview, the focal points of the company’s strategy emerge. Starting with a strong development from the Industry 4.0 perspective, where constant, important investments have enabled it to focus on product industrialisation. The company now uses machines that dialogue with one another thanks to the Intelligent Milkrun system, and this direction will be followed more and more in the future, as the company pursues its goal of optimising every process.

The new production technologies are also mentioned, such as the innovative casting process called Rheocasting, resulting in products offering greater durability and superior performances. Another two areas of intense commitment and focus are the sustainability of the processes in EDiM and the know-how of its people, with constant training and far-sighted projects involving local high schools and universities.

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