Albertini Cesare S.p.A. has become EDiM S.p.A. Interview with Fabrizio Sanna, CEO of the company that is now a member of the Bosch Group

12 June 2019


Mr Fabrizio Sanna, CEO of EDiM S.p.A.


Mr Fabrizio Sanna, CEO of EDiM S.p.A.

Two years after the takeover of Albertini by Bosch, the company is changing its name to EDiM: why?
This is a fundamental time for our company. We’ve now been part of a large international Group for two years: today the DNA of our company combines the innovative spirit, values and industrial skills of Bosch with the tradition of Albertini and its experience accrued in the field of die-casting. We therefore needed a radical change: the new name, in its meaning (Engineering Die-casting & Machining), sums up what we want to be: an innovative, reliable partner, capable of supporting our customers throughout the value chain, from the co-design phase to the end product. Our focus is still on the automotive sector.

What has happened in this period of transition?
We’ve been working on various aspects, from revamping our industrial assets to increasing the company’s skills, also by hiring new specialised technicians and engineers. We have also created a new shared identity, to re-present the company to the market and win back its trust. Thanks to the hard work put in by everyone, today we are again categorised as a Class A supplier by our customers and the results are plain to see: compared to 2017, our revenue has increased by approximately 50%.

Let’s talk about the new name: EDiM is an acronym that describes the company’s activities and its level of specialisation. What are your distinguishing features?
Our Vision expresses our will to present ourselves to our stakeholders as the first Smart Factory operating in our sector, a concept that is the result of the multi-year projects we are developing in the fields of digitalisation, Industry 4.0, IoT and industrial robotics. Next October, in the United States, a young engineer of ours will present one of these projects to the NADCA (north American Die Casting Association).
In EDiM we strongly believe in generational contamination and, as mentioned previously, in the last two years we have hired many new graduates in scientific subjects. We also collaborate with different Technical Institutes of Work-related Learning and have established research fellowships with the University of Padua. Thanks to the patronage obtained from the Lombardy Region, we want to build an Academy, a research centre located near a production site, to optimise our experimentation times and rapidly transfer lines the technological innovation from the prototype to the production. This functional centre, open to students and Universities, will provide the tools of the trade and the “know-how” of specialised tutors, such as the managers of the Group.
Another essential component of our identity is sustainability: we want to become a green plant capable of preserving the environmental resources with efficient processes.

Today a period of transition is coming to an end and a new chapter is opening up for us…
Yes, the new company name is the departure point of a process that aims to restore our company to its rightful position as leader in the European market.